These American art deco lamps were originally manufactured by the Markel Co. Buffalo, New York.

  Markel could be considered the Rolls Royce of machine age deco lighting from the 1930's, and have become
very desirable to collectors. The designs below have been forwarded by clients, and  then painstakingly
reworked using the exact techniques, methods & materials of the originals. If you do not see the design you
require simply email an image.

  As well as the reproductions Tynan offers a full restoration & re plating service to owners of these beautiful
pieces. See bottom of page.
Desk Lamps
# 1
Three “speed” rings above the base double shade  The lamp has been hand spun using
Brass & copper  nickel plated then chrome plated  14” high.
# 2
Double harp, three “speed” rings above the base double shade  The lamp has been hand
spun using Brass & copper  nickel plated then chrome plated  14” high.
# 3
Triple shade lamp measures 14" high not only  the shade swivels but light cascades
through the shades onto the surface of the one underneath, brass & copper hand spun
nickel plated then chrome plated.
# 4
Three speed rings on the base and two on the top below the finial, double shade
machine age styling. The shade swivel in and out and from side to side. Brass &
Copper nickel plated then chrome plated hand spun.They measure 14 1/2" high.
Table Lamps
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Floor Lamps
Lamp restoration & replating
Under construction
  Here is an example of a full restoration, the lamp is first stripped of all plating down to the original
material. Any dents dings and parts beyond saving are repaired or replaced to the exact original. The
lamp then moves on to be polished to a high mirror finish before being re plated. The lamp is nickel
plated and then chrome plated, lamps that are only nickel plated will tarnish in a very short period
leaving the surface with a yellow tint, the lamp must be chrome plated after nickel plating to prevent this,
a chrome finish will keep its original mirror finish without any polishing for many years. The lamp is then
re-assembled with new sockets, wiring & switches before being shipped to the client.

 This particular lamp arrived in very poor condition,there were heavy dents in all three shades and the
base was rotted due to being stood in a damp place, but as you can see from the photo's below the
lamp has been meticulously restored to its original condition.

 A photographic record is supplied to the client after restoration (see below) to show all work carried out
on their lamp.

   For a quote please email your requirements including an image of the lamp.

Reproduction lamps & restoration
Terry Tynan